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Zem Tech Flettner rotor boat

Zero Emissions Maritime Technology

ZEM Tech reviews, studies, designs, and delivers zero emissions maritime systems, A to Z.

With over a century of combined maritime offshore design and delivery experience, ZEM Tech is a proven partner to drive your “Zero Carbon Strategy”. Our mission is to eliminate GHG’s from the maritime industry through the adoption of zero-emissions technologies, designs, energy systems, and fuels. To do anything less would be irresponsible.

We offer a range of services from Project Management through to Technology and Policy review.

Services include:

  • Project and Programme Management
  • Naval Architecture
  • Ship Design
  • Business Planning
  • Strategy & Development
  • Policy Review and Recommendations
  • Seminars

ZEM Tech is working at the front end of zero-emission ship and energy systems design, maximizing overall system efficiency from A to Z.

Mission Statement:

Zero Emissions Maritime Technology Ltd was created to advise and inform the Maritime industry on Zero-emission technologies, facilitating their uptake and guiding industry on a pathway to climate change impact reduction in line with the IMO strategy and UN Sustainable Development Goals. The planet won’t compromise and neither will we.